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The Tree

I met this tree the other day She came upon me as I went my way We nodded in gentle assent The way that strangers do But then I turned And looked again “How?” I asked in wonder Or maybe it was an anguished cry From deep within Or maybe those are one and the…

A Bitter Thing

It is a bitter thing to realize you are wrong. Again. You would think, by now, it being such a common experience for me these last months, I would be used to it. I’m not. I stood there, in my shower, (my thinking place) and the advice my mother in law gave me some months…


The trees are barren here. Harsh and unyielding. As if they cannot bear To be exposed To feel. To breathe deeply and Let anyone in. There are no soft downy paths Through moss covered giants No tiny mushrooms No golden yellow snails Making their way over smooth round rocks And across a layer of age…


The Starbucks guy smiles as he hands the drink to the woman who is at least fifteen years older than I am. He smiles at her in a sweet way, a twinkle in his eye. I note it, because I know myself. I know that not five minutes later when he hands me my drink…


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Hi, I’m Christina. I write about God and the thoughts that come from meditating on His word. And sometimes I wrestle with the hard things of life because that’s what God’s people do. I’m glad you’re here!

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