She was not especially ladylike.

Her laugh was big, full, boisterous. She loved a good joke. She danced around the kitchen her arms open wide – she was never one to fade into the background.


Martha embodied the word with her fiery red hair and rebellious freckles. All of life was an adventure – from the time she was run over by a local priest, to the day she accidentally set her house on fire – her childhood was the stuff of stories.

Growing up with a grandma like her filled me with a sense of adventure. Possibility. I want to write stories about a girl like her. She inspires me. Ignites my imagination. Her zest for life and her ability to laugh at the days to come are just the spark I need right now. In fact, I think the world needs as many Marthas as it can get. She’d love the idea of sparking a revolution of Joy. I can hear her laughing at the very thought.

*This week I’m participating in Hope*Writers Instagram writing challenge. Each day has a one-word prompt. Today we were encouraged to think about what sparks our creativity and imagination.

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